I427 Public Schedule

I427: Search Informatics

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external link: Syllabus

Class schedule

This schedule is tentative and will likely change throughout the semester.

Unless otherwise noted, readings are from the following books:

  • Schwartz and Christiansen, Learning Perl (2nd ed), O'Reilly, 1997.
  • Croft, Metzler, Strohman, Search Engines: Information Retrieval in Practice, Pearson, 2010.

WeekDateClass topicReadings and resources
1Aug 27external link: Introduction 
 Aug 29external link: Unix reviewexternal link: Lab 1
2Sep 3external link: Intro to PerlSchwartz chapters 2-5 and/or external link: Beginning Perl ch. 1-4
 Sep 5 external link: Lab 2, external link: Partial solutions
3Sep 10external link: More PerlSchwartz ch. 6-8, 10 and/or Beginning Perl ch. 5, 6, 8; external link: Regexp tutorial
 Sep 12 external link: Lab 3
 Sep 15 external link: Assignment 1 releasedexternal link: A1 files and skeleton code
4Sep 17external link: Even more PerlSchwartz ch 8, 9, 12, 13
 Sep 19 external link: Lab 4
5Sep 24external link: Perl references, intro to crawlingBeginning Perl ch 7, Croft ch. 3.1-3.5
 Sep 26  
 Sep 30A1 due 
6Oct 1external link: Crawling 
 Oct 3 external link: Lab 6, external link: partial solution
 Oct 7external link: Assignment 2 released, external link: Partial solution for spam filterexternal link: A2 skeleton code
7Oct 8external link: Advanced crawling, Indexing Croft 4.1-4.3.2
 Oct 10 external link: Lab 7, external link: Lab 7 partial solution
8Oct 15external link: IndexingCroft 7.1
 Oct 17  
9Oct 22external link: Retrieval and ranking 
 Oct 23A2 due 
 Oct 24 external link: Lab 8
10Oct 29external link: TFIDF, external link: Assignments 3 and 4 releasedexternal link: A3 files, external link: A4 skeleton code
 Oct 31  
11Nov 5external link: PageRank, external link: Final project informationCroft 4.5
 Nov 7 external link: Lab 9
12Nov 12external link: PageRank and HITSCroft 8.1-8.5
 Nov 13A3 due 
 Nov 14 external link: Lab 10
13Nov 19external link: Search Engine Optimization 
 Nov 21 external link: Some review questions
 Nov 22A4 due 
14Nov 26No class. Happy Thanksgiving! 
 Nov 28No class. Happy Thanksgiving! 
15Dec 3Social and personalized search (guest lecture) 
 Dec 5  
16Dec 10(Optional final project work session) 
 Dec 12Ethical issues of search (Lecture in 107 Info West instead of lab) 
 Dec 15Final project due 
 Dec 17Final exam 10:15am-12:15pm