B553 Public Schedule

CS B553: Probabilistic Approaches to Artificial Intelligence

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Class schedule

This schedule is tentative and may change throughout the semester.

Readings are from the following books:

  • Koller and Friedman, Probabilistic Graphical Models: Principles and Techniques, MIT Press, 2009.
  • Ross, A First Course in Probability, Macmillan, 1984.

WeekDateTopicReadings and resources
1Jan 8external link: IntroductionKoller 1.1-1.2, 2.1-2.1.2; Optional: Ross ch 1, 2
 Jan 10external link: Probability reviewKoller 2.1.3-2.3; Optional: Ross ch 3, 4.1-4.4
2Jan 15external link: Naive Bayes, external link: Assignment 1Koller 3.1; Optional: Ross ch 6.1-6.4, 7.1-7.5
 Jan 17external link: Bayes net representationKoller 3.2-3.4
3Jan 22external link: Bayes net inferenceKoller 9.1-9.3
 Jan 24external link: Bayes net inference cont'd A1 dueBoy/Girl Paradox: external link: Science News article, external link: Lynch 2011 paper
4Jan 29external link: Markov Networks, external link: Assignment 2Koller 5.1, 4.1-4.3, external link: A2 files
 Jan 31external link: Markov Networks cont'dKoller 4.4-4.7
5Feb 5external link: Markov net inferenceKoller 9.4, 10.1
 Feb 7external link: Sum-product message passingKoller 10.2-10.3
6Feb 12external link: Clique treesKoller 10.4-10.5
 Feb 13Assignment 2 due 
 Feb 14external link: Loopy BPKoller 11.3-
7Feb 19external link: MAP inferenceKoller 13.1-13.4
 Feb 21external link: MAP & Graph cutsKoller 13.6, external link: Assignment 3 updated 3/2, external link: A3 files
8Feb 26external link: More graph cuts 
 Feb 28external link: Expansion and swap move algorithms 
9Mar 5external link: Particle samplingKoller 12.1-12.2.1
 Mar 7external link: Gibbs samplingKoller 12.2.2-12.2.4
 Mar 8Assignment 3 due 
10Mar 12No class. Spring break! 
 Mar 14No class. Spring break! 
11Mar 19external link: MCMCKoller 12.3-12.3.3
 Mar 21external link: MCMC cont'dKoller 12.3.5
 Mar 25Final Project Proposal due 
12Mar 26external link: Continuous variablesKoller ch 7
 Mar 28external link: Continuous variables cont'dKoller 14.1-14.3
13Apr 2external link: Intro to LearningKoller ch 16
 Apr 4external link: Maximum likelihood and Bayesian estimationKoller 17.1-17.4
14Apr 9No class. 
 Apr 10Final Project Interim report due 
 Apr 11external link: Hidden variables and EMKoller 19.1
 Apr 13external link: Assignment 4, external link: A4 files 
15Apr 16external link: EMKoller 19.2
 Apr 18external link: Structure learningKoller 18.1-18.3
16Apr 23Project Presentations 
 Apr 25Project Presentations 
 Apr 28A4 due 
 May 1Final Project Due